How to Get Rid of Dark Circles

By | March 7, 2014

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles

If you have struggled with dark circles around your eyes then you know that they might make you look older than you really are. However, you can control these circles if you use one of many solutions for taking care of the issue at hand.

What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes?

It is best to consider how these dark circles can develop in order to get a better idea of what you can use in order to control the issue. There are many problems that can cause such circles to appear:


Blood can often pool in under the eyes and build up. This buildup can increase over time and can be particularly noticeable during the morning hours. You may also develop these circles through an excessive amount of exposure to the sun’s rays. This can cause your skin to produce more melanin. Fatigue around the eyes may also be a problem. This can include the eyes being active for too much time in the day.

Hyperpigmentation, a genetic issue where the skin can become darker in a quick period of time, is another concern that can be a problem to some. Allergies are often a common concern for what can cause these circles to develop. Allergies will cause histamines to become active and therefore cause inflammation in your blood vessels. This can also cause swelling in some of the worst cases.

Treating Dark Circles Under Eyes

There are many things that can be used to help you treat dark circles under your eyes. They come in many forms and can be particularly effective to use.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K can be used to treat dark circles in most cases. Vitamin K can be used to enhance the overall circulation in your body. A deficiency in vitamin K can particularly be a sign of dark circles in most cases. This will control yourself and to keep your body from struggling with too much weariness.

Controlling Salt Intake

Salt can cause your circulation to wear out while the body retains water in more places. This can be a real burden in that it will make your eyes look very puffy. If you reduce your total salt intake then you might find it easier for your body to keep from having too much salt.

Avoiding Smoking

If you do smoke then it may be a problem that could make your dark circles worse. You will have to quit smoking as it will wear out your blood vessels and therefore make it harder for your skin to actually look as well as it should.

Get Enough Sleep

You need to get plenty of sleep at home. Sleep is needed as it will improve the adrenal functions in your body. This will help you to absorb more vitamin B6 in your body. This is used to help keep the glands running to help assist you in having an easier time with sleeping and with actually getting your body to recover from fatigue as you sleep. If you are able to get sleep each day then you will certainly have an easier time with keeping your body healthy.

Is Surgery Possible?

Surgery may be used to help you take care of dark circles under your eyes but this works best if other options for taking care of the issue have not worked. This may be because there are pads of fat around the skin that are moving forward and are becoming more prevalent with age. These may not be capable of being removed with a typical treatment option. However, surgery may be used to help with removing those fat pads to help keep them out of the way so the bags will disappear. This procedure is particularly for those who have tried other treatment options but haven’t gotten them to work. This should be done carefully to ensure that you do not deal with serious risks as you take care of your eyes.

Avoid Allergens

If you are allergic to certain things then you should see what happens if you avoid them for an extended period of time. You might have an easier time with keeping the circles under your eyes in check as they will naturally start to heal themselves up by a bit.

All of these options are useful but it also helps to have a good concealer on hand for when you’re using a treatment option. This next section will cover many points on a few kinds of concealer to use.

Best Concealer for Dark Circles

You can also use a concealer at home to help you take care of dark circles. A concealer can be used to mask these circles. This type of product may be useful if it is managed appropriately. There are several different kinds of concealers that you can go along with when getting your skin to look young again.

Clinique Advanced Concealer

Clinique, one of the top names in the world of makeup, has a product in the Clinique Advanced Concealer worth trying. This has a matte powder finish to it and has particularly been known to blend in well with one’s natural skin tone, thus making it easier for the skin to manage over time.

Lancome Effacernes

This waterproof material from Lancome is used to help protect the areas under the eyes. It will not settle in any fine lines and it will cover up blemishes and other common issues under the eyes to make it healthy and sensible. This is useful for giving anyone a better sense of control over the eyes.

Exuviance CoverBlend

CoverBlend from Exuviance is a sensible concealer with SPF 15 power. This makes it capable of concealing the circles under your eyes without the sun’s rays being at risk of creating more damage to the area. In addition, it is made with a smaller nozzle for application to make it easier for you to handle and use on the skin.

If you use the right considerations for getting your skin feeling comfortable then it should not be too hard for your eyes to look better. Be sure to consider what you are doing with your eyes in terms of how they look and how you are taking care of them so you will understand what you need to do in order to give yourself the best possible look clear skin that you could ever ask for.

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